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How I healed from my FAILED marriage.

What’s up Purposeful People? I pray you are having an amazing day. I always get this question. How did I heal from my failed Marriage. Let’s start with a little background history. I was married for 11 years. I met me ex in high school. We both were each other prom dates. I was in love y’all. But things just didn’t work out. I proposed to him and I filed for divorce. Ironic right? I asked myself so many questions. What did I do wrong? How did this come to this? Divorce was never something I intended. But it had to happen. Things became a little toxic and it was over. During the marriage we lost a baby at seven weeks, it was devastating. I lost my mother in the marriage. It was a lot going on. As things were ending I just didn’t want to be bothered. I wanted to heal! When my divorce was finalized I wanted no parts of any relationship. I didn’t want to be friends with my ex either. There were so many emotions I experienced. I was hurt, lost, confused, embarrassed, and more. I just wanted to hide somewhere, move out of state and start over! I couldn’t understand why? So I asked God for 5 years of healing. I wanted to be whole if I was ever going to date, let alone get remarried. So I took the time to learn who I was! That is very important. Learn to love you! Take time and treat yourself, cry, write, pray. Find your way of coping. I was able to find out who Tasha really was. I was able to move forward with my life. I understood that I had to heal. God used that time to heal me in every area of my life y’all. Areas I was not thinking about that needed healing. It wasn’t until one day in bible class we began reading a book called “The Bate of Satan.” It took us to complete that entire book for me to realize I cannot allow unforgiveness to keep me out of heaven. I don’t know what type of spiritual heart Surgery God did, but I can tell you that I have healed. Since my healing I have assisted many just like myself to show them that there is life after divorce. Divorce does not make you a bad person. You aren't a failure because the relationship ended.

I recently became friends with my ex! Y’all God can do anything! Below are some tips for healing. I hope you enjoyed the read. God bless.

Tips for healing:


Cry, men it’s okay to Cry.

Grieve the relationship

Speak life into yourself

Talk to God

Pray some more!

Learn who you are

Enjoy life

Write about it

Be patient in the process of healing

Trust God

As always have a purposeful day!

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